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The coffin gallery
 One of the products that has produced a lot of interest are the Ga coffins. They are also known as "fantasy coffins" or, to the more squeamish decorated or thematic chests. The Ga who are the original inhabitants of the area around Accra believe that you should be buried in a coffin that reflects how you earned your living. Whether you want to be buried in one or not, these coffins are to die for! The Ga coffins are world famous and have been featured in National Geographic.
The clever, creative carpenters can reproduce anything. The tradition models are the ones most used by the Ga community who are a fishing community. All manner of fish coffins are available from barracuda, to lobster, red snapper, crab... whatever you heart desires.
But there's more than fish... traditionally chiefs were buried in lions but these days the modern chief opts for a white Mercedes for his heavenly journey. Trucks for truck drivers, shops for shop keepers, guns for army generals...
eShopAfrica uses apprentice coffin carpenters who have completed their training in the traditional coffins shops along the sea front in Teshie and are ready to start up on their own. Our customers have given them many challenges and they have risen to every one. They have made Ferraris, Subaru Imprezas and peacocks - none of which can be seen in Ghana. Check out our gallery pages to see the fantastic coffins they've made or see the Coffin section of the shop for more models.
 We recommend this book:
 Going into Darkness: Fantastic Coffins from Africa Going into Darkness: Fantastic Coffins from Africa
by Thierry Secretan. The definitive work about the Ga coffin makers of Teshie, Accra. As well as documenting the intricacies of the funeral ceremony there is a wide selection of coffin types showing the skill and wit of the carpenters.
You can buy Ga coffins in the Ga Coffins section of our shop.
You can read more of our book selections in our Library
 eShopAfrica coffins
Empire State Building CoffinEmpire State Building
Sarah Murray is a journalist who lives in New York. She ordered an Empire State Building coffin as part of her research for a new book
Teddy Bear CoffinTeddy Bear Coffin
The Dutch company Mediamatic ordered a Teddy Bear coffin for their exhibition Ik R.I.P. about death and self-representation on the internet.
Ferrari coffinFerrari & Nokia Mobile Phone
An art gallery in Moscow orders a full sized Ferrari, a full sized Nokia Mobile phone and an assortment of tabletop models
Olaf Breuning coffin A Melting theme...
Swiss artist Olaf Breuning orders three "melting" coffins and comes to Ghana to see them being made
Subaru coffinSubaru for BBC Top Gear Magazine
The well known BBC Top Gear Magazine orders a half-sized Subaru Impeza
Peacock coffinA peacock
A US customer ordered her very own peacock
Our famous coffins
Our coffins have received quite a lot of media attention - check out these links:
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Playboy Magazine - Fatal Distraction
FHM Magazine - Getaway Caskets
Boating Magazine - Boating for Eternity
BBC Online News - African Crafts go online - thematic coffin round up
You can buy your own coffin in the Ga Coffins section of our shop.
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