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RBDT Tiny Recycled Glass Beads

RBDT Tiny Recycled Glass Beads

 SizeWidthShipping WeightBeads per string
 Tiny.6 cm300 gr80 (approx)

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BRL001 - Recycled bead bracelet - Adwoa

BRL001 - Recycled bead bracelet - Adwoa

Green powder glass with white and yellow stripes. See below for more samples.

Length 21-22cms

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Ghana Where The Bead Speaks

Ghana Where The Bead Speaks

This beautiful hard cover book of 106 pages combines poetic reflections on the beads by the African writer Ama Ata Aidoo and an essay by Professor Esi Thutherland. The book design was coordinated by the bead lover and jewellery designer Kati Torda. It has more than 100 full colour photos of beads. Shipping not included - please make sure you add shipping to your destination

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Need some help?

If you don't find the answer to your question here, email us. is an online shop of arts and crafts produced by African artisans. We use the ecommerce software Actinic Catalog to manage our online orders and credit card payments. Suggested quantities and prices are given for each product or group of products - the more you buy the cheaper the price. If you wish to order a different quantity or different type of product than on the site please contact us - we can put together special orders and give special rates for larger orders. We also have access to more products than are listed on the site so get in touch if you don't see what you're looking for.


All of our products are shipped from Africa. Some products have the shipping price displayed next to them - choose your geographic area. If you are buying only one product, you can pay for the product and shipping at one time. If you order more than one item, we will optimize the shipping before charging you.

Other products do not show the shipping costs on the site - this is because for these products shipping is calculated for each order individually. For these products place your order as normal and we will contact you telling you what the shipping will be. If you agree we will add the amount to your credit card or bank transfer amount. If you do not agree we will cancel your order and make no charge. For DHL rates and more information Shipping and Dispatch section below

Import customs and charges

The customer is responsible for any local import duties or charges - each country has different regulations. In the US some products are exempt from import duty under the AGOA act - please email us for more details.

Your shopping cart

Just like most standard ecommerce sites, you can put goods into your shopping cart. Some products are sold individually and others are sold in bulk at differing quantities. Tick the selection you require and then press the Order button. You can change the quantities or remove items from your shopping cart at any time. Just select the Cart option from the menu in the top right of the screen.


When you are ready to checkout, press the Checkout button on the menu in the top right of the screen. At the start of the Checkout process the contents of your shopping cart is displayed with an entry form for your invoice address.

If at this point you wish to change the contents of the shopping cart, press the Back button on your browser and select the Cart option from the shop menu. Alter the contents of your basket and then proceed again the to Checkout process.

This is the information required (* means optional):

Name/Cardholder name

Job title *

Company *

Address Line 1

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Address Line 3 *

Postal code *


Phone no


If you wish to enter a different delivery address check the box and enter a different address.

Please make sure that you enter a valid email address - we will confirm your order with you by email before processing so it is important that we can contact you. If you do not respond to our email confirming the order, we will not process it. This is part of our standard procedures to protect us from fraudulent transactions and the use of stolen credit cards.

When you have completed the invoice and delivery details, continue the checkout process by going on to the next stage.

Shipping and handling - special instructions

If you have any special payment, shipping or delivery options, please enter them in the box provided.

Order Process Method

Next choose how you want to proceed with your order. Choose one of the following order process methods:

Pay by Paypal

Please see the section below about using PayPal to pay for your order.

Quote me for goods and shipping

If you wish to know how much your order will be before deciding to purchase, please select this option. Some of the shipping prices are shown on the site but for other products each shipment must be calculated separately. Also if you are making a larger order we will be able to reduce the shipping costs.

Pay by bank transfer or by Western Union

Select this option if you wish to pay by bank transfer or by Western Union. Our international account is with Barclays Bank International - after we receive your order we will send you the full details. If you are paying by Western Union we will contact you to make arrangements to receive your payment at our local branch in Accra.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that product prices do not include shipping. Some products have shipping costs available on the site, others do not. If you have only paid for the products we will contact you with the shipping costs.

Whichever Order Process method you choose, when you have finished a summary of your order will be displayed in printable format. You will also receive an order confirmation email.

Shipping and dispatch

We can ship either by DHL or by air freight. DHL is best for physically smaller shipments - please find below the rates DHL charge us. Air freight is better for larger, more bulky shipments.

Large air freight shipments are cheaper but have to be cleared through customs on arrival. All export tariffs are paid prior to departure - the customer is responsible for all import tariffs, duties and clearance charges. DHL offer a door to door service. However, there may be local import duties to be paid - these are the responsibility of the purchaser.

DHL Rates

These are the rates that eShopAfrica is charged by DHL - we make no additional charges to this amount. For weights larger than 25 kgs we will send you a quote before confirming your order:

Europe and West Africa

Less than 10 kg $13.00 per kilo

11-25 kg $11.30 per kilo

Canada, USA, Rest of Africa

Less than 10 kg $16.00 per kilo

11-25 kg $11.50 per kilo

Far East

Less than 10 kg $29.00 per kilo

11-25 kg $13.00 per kilo

Rest of the World

Less than 10 kg $22.00 per kilo

11-25 kg $16.00 per kilo

Dispatch times is a just-in-time business - when we receive your order we pass it on to the artisans who complete it within an agreed timeframe.

After we have received your order we will give you an estimate of how long it will take. This depends both the quantity you have ordered and the individual situation of each artisan. Some artisans keep their own stock of products and are able to supply promptly. Others do not and there is a wait. Some products are also seasonal - they are made for supplementary income and are not easy to get during the agricultural growing season when people are busy planting and harvesting their crops.

Whatever the situation, we will keep you informed. If you wish to know how long an order would take you may use the option "Quote me for goods and shipping" and we will let you know how long

While we endeavour to deliver your order to you as quickly as possible, we use traditional supply lines. We do not wish to interfere with traditional manufacturing timeframes and push artisans beyond a sustainable level. We ask you to be patient - this is part of our Fair Trade Charter.

Frequently asked questions

Can I make a special orders?

With pleasure!!! What you see on the site are just suggested quantities and products. We can tailor make orders and take special commissions for custom orders. Email us with your ideas and we can put together a special order. When we have agreed your order we will make a special payment button for your order.

How much will shipping cost?

That depends on what you're ordering and where you want it delivered to. Some products have shipping charges next to them on the site - tick the Shipping box and select your geographical area. Other products do not have their shipping costs. If you want to know how much an order will cost to ship, select the "Quote me for goods and shipping" as your order process method and we will contact you.

My order arrived damaged - what shall I do?

Please email us and tell us what the damage is as soon as it arrives and, if possible, send a photograph of the damage. If we have not heard from you within 30 days of the receipt of your order we will assume that everything is OK. If there is a problem we will discuss with you the best way to proceed. We may replace your order or we may give you a full refund. Our aim is to please our customers so share your problem with us and we can help.

There's something wrong with my order - what shall I do?

When your order arrives please check it carefully. If there is anything wrong with it please email us within two weeks of receipt and we will do what we can to rectify the situation.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes you can. Select "Pay by Bank Transfer" as your Order Process Method and we will send you the account details of our bank account with Barclays International Bank.

Who pays customs and duties?

eShopAfrica is responsible for all local tariffs and export duties. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any import duties and tariffs of their own country.

Using PayPal to pay with your credit card

You can pay by credit card through PayPal. Follow these steps:

1. Go to PayPal

2. Enter as your ‘To’ address.

3. Enter your account email address as the ‘From’ email address. (If this is your first time using paypal, you will be prompted to create your own account. See steps 8 and 9).

4. Enter the required amount and remember to enter the correct currency.

5. Choose ‘Goods’ under the Purchase tab and click ‘Continue’.

6. You will be prompted to log in to your account to confirm your transfer. And billing

7. will be notified via email of the money transfer.

8. If you have not used paypal you will be required to create an account. Please enter your information. The country or region your billing card is from. Create and confirm your password. Enter the first and last name as seen on the credit card. Address and phone number the credit card is registered to, and finally the actual credit card number, expiration date and CSC number. (CSC number is the three digit number at the back of the credit card. For American Express it is the four digit number at the front)

9. Click ‘Agree and Create Account’.